Five Golf Accessories You Need

There is an ostensibly infinite supply of golf accessories in the market and what is more, many will continue being produced all the time. This makes it such a daunting task to be able to select the best golf accessories that will last you long enough and which will be beneficial as well. Here is some foresight of golf accessories that you can consider — those which have proven themselves to be the most helpful. .

It is highly recommended that you take all your golf lessons from a professional as they are in a position to analyze the characteristics of your golf swing and accordingly help you correct your mistakes whenever needed. However, it is also good if you could train and study on your own, which you can do with golf accessories such as videos and books. As is with anything else, the market is flooded with countless videos and books concerning golf. If you are a beginner or want to improve your golfing game, you will find videos and books very useful. The biggest advantage of golf videos and books is the fact that they provide you with step-by-step images and diagrams thus making learning and mastering the game very easy.

When doing the back swing, the golf swing introduces some very tough torque on your body making it very easy for the hands to lose grip with the club when back swinging. This is when you need a good pair of golf gloves which will help you maintain a secured and consistent swing each time you back swing as it will prevent the club from twisting in the arm when swinging.

It can be very hard for a new golfer to master the distance to the flag or golf pin, actually, it takes a beginner a very long time to be able to clearly define the distance when on the course, hence the reason why you need to invest in a good golf range finder which will help you calculate the precise distance to the pin. Normally, these range finders will come featuring a binocular design and will more often use a laser beam to measure the distance to the golf pin or flagstick. Thus, if you are so poor at estimating distances, no need to worry, get yourself a good golf ranger finder.

The other important and useful golf accessory that you should invest in is a set of clubhead covers. Generally, when carrying gold clubs in the golf bag, many a times they will bang against each other and can end up damaging the faces of the clubs. Investing in a good set of clubhead covers can be your quick and easy answer in protecting the woods and irons from scratches and knicks in the process.

Last but not least is the golf swing analyzer software which, among many other roles, can help you break down each part of your swing and evaluate it sparingly. Most of these programs have the provision of allowing you to make comparisons between your swings and those of pros. This way, you will get a good example of what to expect of your swing and thereby adjust accordingly. Golf swing software programs are the most user-friendly programs you will ever find today, and even novices can use them. What you need to do is to simply record a video of your best swing and then analyze it using the software against that of a pro.

Golfing is supposed to be fun and at the same time very challenging, and there are numerous gold accessories that complement the said criteria. The abovementioned accessories can significantly help you improve and master this wonderful game of golf.

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Things to Consider when Buying a Golf Cart

Many golfers today prefer buying their own golf carts instead of renting one each time they want to play. Investing in your own golf cart can be a very smart investment in the long run especially if you are a regular golfer. If you live near a golf course that allows golfers to bring their own golf cart, here are important tips to help you make a smart choice when investing in a golf cart.

First and foremost you have to factor in where you plan to store the cart when you will not be using it. Ensure there is sufficient space for storage space that will accommodate the cart.

Ensure the golf cart you plan to buy matches the weight limits of the golf course you plan to use it on. You can always get this information by consulting your golf course manager.

Security is of utmost importance when buying golf carts. If you live in an area where theft cases are high, you should ensure you get an individual key specially made for your cart rather than the universal key that always accompany golf carts. If you plan to store your cart at home, ensure you keep it in a safe place say in the garage or a tiny building specially dedicated to the golf cart.

Still on point, if you go with the electric golf cart, be advised that if the batteries discharge completely they can get damaged over a period of time. As such, ensure the battery retains some little charge each time after use.

Golf carts would either be electric or gas powered hence this is an important consideration to make as well. You should get one that suits your needs. To help you in making this decision, you can establish how often you need to recharge the battery, if it is on a daily basis; you might want to consider a gas powered version. However, they too have their share of cons, they are very expensive to maintain and operate than their electric powered counterparts, especially considering the rising cost of gas prices.

Whether you purchase a new or second hand golf cart, golf carts will need regular proper care and maintenance for them to work in order and keep them in good shape to ensure their durability. Golf carts are more or less like automobiles wherein the better you maintain and care for them, the better service they will give you and the longer they will last.

For beginners who don’t have the faintest idea of how golf cart maintenance and construction is done, you will be safe purchasing a golf cart from a reputable golf cart dealer. Buying from reputable golf cart dealers can greatly save you a significant amount of money by purchasing a second hand cart instead of investing in a new one.

Boiled down, buying a golf cart isn’t as hard as it may seem. As long as you know what to look for, how to go about it, and where to look, buying a golf cart shouldn’t be perceived as a hard proposition. Hopefully the aforementioned tips will guide you through.

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Golfing Apparel for the Golfer

Golf is one of the best sports we have today, yet at the same time quite challenging. Golf devotees will always strive to improve on their game, which will be necessitated by the right golf equipment and the perfect golf apparel that will give you utmost comfort. Never underestimate the role that perfect golf apparel plays in a good game. Basically, the game involves a lot of walking under the sun meaning that comfort should be your top most priority.

Luckily, golf apparels are available in all sizes, shapes, and designs to suit every one and can be found in nearly every sports shop, retail shops, department stores, and some specialty shops dealing with sporting gear.

The first and most important thing you need to do is to find the perfect fit for you. This you should do by fitting the clothing first before paying for them. Try and move around within the store in the attire to find out whether it is the ideal size for you. Never settle for less; if you cannot find the perfect apparel that matches your measurement, it is advisable you buy one which is a size larger than your measurements and then take it to the tailor for some alterations to be made.

Second most important thing is to select golf apparel as per your taste and preference. The shops provide a very wide gamut of golf apparel to choose from hence it is prudent to browse through the stores and select an item that best suits your sense of fashion and taste. Remember the golden rule in golf apparel is comfort; you ought to be comfortable enough in whatever you put on. Basic golf apparel for men golfers is a combination of a shirt and pants while a woman golfer is shirt with matching pants or skirts.

Golf Shirts
A golf shirt is your best companion when playing golf and is mostly made of cotton for maximum comfort although there are shirts made of other materials. Classically, a golf shirt is T-shaped, collared, and will have slits on either side of the bottom, and others might have an extra pocket. Golf shirts come in all sorts of colors and are available in different brands. You need to measure your shoulder and chest area before you buy a golf shirt to ensure you get the perfect size. Ensure the seams of the shoulder fit snugly on the shoulder joints. You can fit the shirt and try moving and swinging your arms around to know the mobility level. Buy a fitting golf shirt because a loose one has its share of cons.

Golf Pants and skirts
Equally, you should have the right measurements for your hips and waist when going to buy a golf pant or golf skirt. Remember that the most important thing is the fit. The pants and skirts should be made of a material that facilitates easy movement and bending of legs. The length has to fit right and the trouser doesn’t have to be tight-fitting at all.

Golf Shoes

As mentioned above, the golf game involves a lot of walking. Therefore you need a fitting shoe size that will give your feet the support they need. Know your shoe size beforehand so you can be able to get the perfect arch in your feet.

Putting on the perfect complete golf apparel is paramount to successful time in the golf course. This way, your sense of vogue and style in the golf course will facilitate the need for mobility and comfort when playing.

This article is sponsored by The GolfKit Store.

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Improving Your Tempo Improves Your Golf Swing

Perhaps you have heard the word tempo coming up every time the golf swing is mentioned. If you are an amateur golfer, it is very easy to get confused but generally, tempo in the golf swing is an amalgamation of several parts. It is part timing in all facets of the golf swing, part sequencing of every position within your golf swing, and it is also part ‘feel’. Combining all the three golf swing parts together makes tempo in golf your golf swing.

Interlocking all phases of the golf swing i.e. back swing, take-away, transition, impact, downswing, and follow through is a part of tempo, executing each of these phases with an accurate timing is equally tempo and lastly ‘feel’ for the golf clubhead is also a part of tempo. Simply put, tempo can be described as the result of all your practice, effort, and time you spent on your golf swing.

You might be asking how you can improve your golf swing. This is a very good question that lacks a clear and simple answer. To be able to develop tempo in your golf swing is one task that needs utmost patience, time, and lots of practice. There is no clear cut shortcut on how to do it within your golf swing. This is because a single practice session at an indoor golf training facility or drive range will not help you, neither will using a single training aide, nor implementing a golf fitness program on its own.

Why? You may ask, it is because to be able to develop a viable PGA Tour type golf swing needs a ‘basket of tools’ in your golfing arsenal. To be able to develop a soft smooth golf swing and tempo, you will need to:-

Maintain a steady practice program using your golf swing – the long standing saying that practice makes perfect has never been any truer in the golfing game. You need consistent practices for your body to be able to learn, master, and repeat all the correct mechanics of the golf swing. Biologically, the body is able to learn and master biomechanical movements through the process of repetition.

The likely inclusion of training aids in your daily practice sessions.

Get clear instructions on the basics of the golf swing – the secret to developing great tempo is learning the basics of the golf swing, there is no short cut. You can be able to achieve this through clear instructions which will allow your body master all nuances of the swing.To be able to include a practical golf fitness program that will help develop your body around the swing

The use of swing drills to be able to develop each of your swings – the golf swing in general is one of the hardest athletic movements to do. In its whole being, it is a very hard movement to do and master well. As such, it is advisable you break down your process of learning the golf swing into parts so that you can be able to master a phase of the golf swing after another.

The above mentioned ‘basket of tools’ combined together can significantly help you develop great tempo in your golf swing. It needs a very thorough and far-reaching approach where you cannot have any slight opportunity to make the slightest mistake.

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Tips Improve Your Golf Game

No one loathes the idea of playing a good golf game. With advancement in technology that creates a new and better golf ball or club, the urge to swing better and hit farther becomes the strongest. Whether you are a newbie or a professional golfer, you can really use a good golf tip. As you better your distance and swings, you will derive more satisfaction in knowing that indeed your game is improving. Here are some very useful golfing tips that will make your game improve.

  • The first and most important tip is to always remember the basics because after all is said and done; they are all you ever need to know. The game of golf isn’t about physical prowess, because if it were, there won’t be any good golfers with disabilities. Golfers play well not because of their muscle strength but because they have mastered the fundamentals of the game and capitalize on them to improve their physical ability.
  • The second most important tip is to always aim at improving your accuracy before you master the art of creating the distance. After all, of what use will it be to cover 400 yards in a single swing if it is directed in the wrong direction? Each golf club ought to have a purpose and a predetermined direction – the ball has to go where it is supposed to.
  • Third in line comes the tip is that a good golf game doesn’t start and end with the eyes on the ball, but rather it does with the actions of the different vital body parts and how they coordinate to generate a movement that will be successful. The body parts include feet, legs and knees, hips and shoulders, arms, hands, and wrists.
  • The golf game is the only game in the world for gentlemen therefore etiquette has a very significant role to play in your reputation and also the apparel, it is no wonder it comes with unspoken agreements and time-honored rules. Needless to mention, you break the rules at the expense of your reputation. Always keep in mind that some rule are never broken just to enhance a score. If you have to play a course, do it the way you found it, never try to stage-manage the environment by customizing it to your liking. Golfing is all about managing your barriers and if you are to become a good golfer, you have to learn to work around your barriers and surmount them instead of trying to make alterations on them.
  • You shouldn’t expect to have a good golf game with the wrong equipment. You should be able to learn the right golf equipment that you should use which ought to complement your body size and type. Luckily, the market has a wide array of drivers and clubs which you can choose from depending on your body type and height. The golf club should be determined by your physical strength.
  • The last tip in the golfing game is to always practice, practice, and more practice. Tiger Woods of before did not become seasonal players by playing only that occasional monthly golf game. If you with to enhance your golfing skills, you have to spend time, money, and effort in whetting your skills. The game expects that the body, particularly the muscles, remember the same set of movements to be able to produce the preferred results. It therefore goes without saying that the more you practice the movements the more you will be well equipped with the skills of doing the right stances, taking the perfect grip and above all else, making the perfect swing.
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The best way to master the game of golf is to begin closest to the hole to farthest away – from short putts to the full swing.

The reason is simple: the short game is a microcosm of the full swing. In many cases, the skills utilized in short game shots the same as those used in the full swing, just on a smaller scale.

Closer to the hole, the swing is at its shortest and least complex: a smaller motion made using fewer body parts and thus less to coordinate. The full swing is the most complex, a much larger motion with many more moving parts at a higher rate of speed. Trying to master the full swing without first mastering the short game is like trying to gallop on a horse before you’ve learned to climb on.

A corollary of this truth is that many problems in the full swing can be spotted within the short game and vice versa. For example, if you come out of posture in your full swing, you will tend to do the same in your short game and will probably miss a fair number of putts. If you tend to reverse-pivot in your full swing, chances are you do this in your pitch shots as well.

Improving your short game will not only make you a better scorer overall, but it will have positive repercussions throughout your game. As you work on and master your short-game shots, you will not only iron out the problems you are having in these particular shots, but your full swing will likewise benefit.

You will also develop feelings you need to understand and incorporate (e.g., what a proper pivot feels like) while working through your short game that you should also feel in your full swing.

This is not to say you won’t be using both short game shots and full swing as you play a full round – but during practice time, which you must incorporate into your golf time to develop a solid game, the best way is to start small and work up from there.

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Rules of Golf

Many golfers take to the sport without the basic understanding of how the game should be played. Of course, we all know that the game requires a tee, a ball, and clubs, but few golfers actually take the time to learn the proper etiquette of the game. Lacking this type of fundamental knowledge can lead to tremendously embarrassing mistakes on the green.

Golf is a great game when digested properly and then studied correctly. It’s important to take each step as it comes and do it right. This article should help you to understand the basics of good golf etiquette. I think that I can best show you how the game is played by taking you through the play of one hole with a foursome

The members of the foursome or twosome hit in turn. The closest ball to the green hits last and so on. When on the first tee, the order in which the players hit is decided, this order only pertains to that first shot. The golf term for this action is honor.

From the very beginning, it is always good to check, before swinging, to see if the members of your party are out of swinging distance. The ordinary swing of a golf club can be a deadly blow. Therefore, rules of etiquette are often rules of safety. Everyone in the group should be standing to one side or sitting on the benches, provided by most courses, awaiting their turns to hit, and there should be no talking on the tee or at any time when an associate is preparing to make his shot. All clubs, bags, carts and other essentials of the game should be left off the teeing ground.

Don’t practice your swing while other members of your group are hitting, and don’t stand behind the tee. Stay behind the player — to his back. It is easy to see a player out of the corner of your eye and that little thing could be distracting and result in a missed shot.

When the entire party has completed their first shots, walk directly in the line with your ball. But if another player has hit short of your ball wait for him to complete his second swing. This is another item of etiquette protecting the safety of the players and the skill of the hitter. Like the swing of the club, the flight of the ball can be dangerous. If players walk in front of another who is hitting, the distraction could cause a missed shot and the result can be injury to a companion.

Before you get going to far, one of the most important points of golf etiquette is waving through. Never hold up a group playing behind you. If you are slower than they are wave them on and wait until they have safely gotten out of range before you continue.

If you game is anything like mine, when you take your first drive, you may have to contend with that familiar obstacle – the rough. When your ball is in the rough, Nothing rooted may be removed to allow an easier shot. It is all right to remove dead wood, grass or leaves, providing the ball does not move. Be very careful here!

When it’s virtually impossible to hit your ball, you may declare it unplayable. It is then allowable to pick the ball up, move two club lengths away from the obstacle (not nearer the hole) and drop the ball over your shoulder. But this isn’t for free—you have to add two strokes to your score. In winter time, and during wet weather, it is sometimes permissible to lift your ball and drop it again for a better position. Also, around some clubs players move their balls to a choice spot with their hands. This always pertains to balls in the fairway.

Once you reach your ball and prepare to approach the green, study the lay of the land. Remember, when your ball is hit out of the fairway nothing can be removed to improve the lie of the ball unless it is dead matter. In rough, or woods, players can pick up dead limbs, leaves, paper or cut grass. But growing bushes, roots, tall grass must remain in place.

In traps or on the fringes of bunkers the player can move only things that were, perhaps, left there by careless course attendants. This would only include rakes, lawn mowers and other equipment used in caring for a golf course. These technicalities make it a ‘must’ to know your rules.

Your iron shots from the fairway will often dig up the grass, roots and all. This piece of turf, called a divot, should be picked up by you or your caddy and put back in its place, packing it down well with your foot.

Now that the group has reached the green, other rules of golf and etiquette will come into use. As each player shoots the caddy faces them and lifts the stick so that the ball may have freedom of the hole if it has the proper direction. Without caddies, the player in the group with the ball closest to the cup has the obligation on holding the stick for his companions. When his time comes to hit, another member of the party holds the stick for him.

Should another player’s ball be blocking your line to the hole, then you may ask him to mark and remove it. The marking is usually done with a coin. If your ball is in such a position that it might interfere with a player’s approach to the hole, it is always good to ask him if he would like it marked. Don’t just walk up and grab your ball or the ball of a fellow member of your group.

Some players make the mistake of entering a sand trap by climbing into it from the high side, but a following player may be penalized by having his ball come to rest in one of the deep footprints left behind. Tearing down the sides of traps and then leaving without repairing the damage is an inexcusable breach of etiquette. Also, when you are in a sand trap, be careful that your club does not touch the sand, even in your address, until you are actually making the downward swing of the club in your stroke.

Putting on the green is handled in the same way as is hitting from the fairway. The ball which lies the greatest distance from the hole is putted first, and so on down the line until the closest man plays. Then the process is repeated until the entire group has played the hole out.

Remember, a careful study of the rules of play and etiquette can do more to insure enjoyment than any other one thing. Thousands of tiny, intricate situations can arise in golf. Don’t hesitate to seek the knowledge of your pro. That’s part of his job. Your aim is to be a polite as well as a skillful golfer. The two go hand in hand. To know the rules, leads to confidence. And confidence is the key to your quick success in this new undertaking.

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The average golfer could easily make up 10 strokes a ROUND by putting properly. This one point makes proper putting perhaps the most important part of any player’s game. And since most of us are not able to get onto the links anyway because of the winter weather, putting is something you can practice at home

There’s an old adage that the game of golf should be learned from the green back to the tee. That means putting, chipping, fairway shots, and THEN drives. Remember, most shots in a round are from around the green or on the green itself. It’s not uncommon for some players to take as many (and often more) shots while on the green as they did to get to the green. Putting is paramount to a solid game.

The average golfer’s tendency, when putting, is to use too much of their wrists and arms, thus breaking down their wrists through the putt. This is wrong and is the main culprit for poor putting. Do not break your wrists when putting! Why? Because as soon as you do, you lose control. That wobbly wrist action is transmitted down to the putter face and the ball will go just about anywhere when contact is made. Anywhere except where you want to go, that is.

To become a great putter, the perfect combination of shoulders and arms should be used throughout the entire putt. Any wrist action involved is through the motion of the weight of the putter. In other words, it’s a natural motion, not a break.

During your putt, concentrate on your shoulders. On the backswing, your left shoulder naturally moves down and your right shoulder naturally moves up, like a pendulum. When you focus on your shoulders as if they were a clock works, your backswing becomes fluid. Your left wrist should stay nice and firm throughout this motion.

In order to set up the putting grip, first place the grip in the palm of your left hand, and your entire hand around the grip. Place your right hand underneath your left, in a similar palm grip. Now, overlap your right hand with your left index finger. Your palms should be opposite to one another, for a nice locked-in feeling. When setting up to address the ball, make sure your eyes are over the ball, specifically your left eye (if you are a right hand golfer).

Bend your knees slightly, and hang your arms over the ball.

Shift your weight slightly forward on your left foot, favoring the left side of your body. Your hands should also be slightly forward in your stance.

Before making your stroke, make sure your arms, shoulders, knees and feet are all parallel with your target line. Notice I said target line. This doesn’t mean the hole but rather the path that the ball needs to travel in order to get to the hole.

Keep all these elements intact, and you should see improved putting in no time.

There is a standard rule of thumb for putting that usually works, but depends on the terrain, so adjust accordingly. For a five foot putt, bring your putter back five inches, and then follow through five inches.

Why do most putts miss? Because the stance and the putter head are NOT square to the target line.

With putting, this issue of being square cannot be overstated. It’s vital that you get comfortable with being squared up on putts. Keep your wrists tight and don’t let them break and you should see a great improvement in your putting in a very short time. Shaving strokes through better putting is something everyone can master. Young or old, weak or strong, putting can turn out to be a player’s best friend.

Robert Partain has been an avid golfer for over 40 years. He publishes a golf advice blog that is updated 4 times a week with golf tips, techniques, and information.Article Source:

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Improve Your Golf Swing

Golf is arguably the hardest sport in the world, but yet the most enjoyable. It is always good to keep in mind that the golf swing is what drives and determines the score and not your golf ball or club. You can read all the golf tips you can ever find in the world, plus take all the lessons you can contain, and even get the highest quality instructions that money can buy but you still cannot be able to get consistency.

Never mind what other people say or think about how you swing, just focus on improving it at your own pace. A very common error that most golfers make when directing the ball is hitting it as hard as their muscle strength could allow. Generally, you want to play golf with utmost confidence. It is very tricky for a golfer to be able to practice shots further than short pitch shots not unless you pay to play the game or pay to practice at an indoor golf training facility or at a driving range.

When you stand on the ball for an extended period of time contemplating whether to swing the club properly can easily culminate in a skewed shot, or even missing the ball altogether. A common problem that most budding golfers share is thinking too much about executing their swing. Ask golf pro to assess your posture as you swing but remember that the most critical thing about the golf swing is not the strength applied but the angle taken.

Experienced golfers will intentionally use side spin to guide the ball over obstacles or redirect it towards safer sides of greens and fairways. When working to improve your back swing, you are supposed to shift all your body weight to the right, turn your shoulders and pelvis, lift the arms and then flex the wrists and elbows.

Be advised that many professional golf players have managed to remain on top of their game by taking part in golfing exercises actively. To be able to improve on your swing and the golf game in general, you have to concentrate on golf fitness. Despite this reality check, many golfers overlook the state of their physical fitness because of golf swing problems. Not to get discouraged though, there are many aides in the market to help you improve your swing. Specialty stores will have quality golf aides in stock which will improve your golfing game and golfing experience generally.

You however should be very cautious when buying these aides, and be careful with claims on magazine ads and TV commercials, make an informed decision by seeking professional advice from your local golf course before taking your hard earned cash and buying anything as it may not live up to its claims after all. In overall, golf swing aids will significantly improve your game and swing regardless of whether you are just starting out, or are a seasoned golfer. You should simply pick just one swing aid and start using it to improve your swing and it will only be a matter of time before you become a pro yourself.

If you use both mental and physical workouts, improved golf swing will be your reward. Try as much as you can to pay more attention on one golf swing weakness at a time. With enough practice, the end result will be rewarding, which is a better golf swing.

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How many times have you started a new golf season with very high scores, short drives, and aches and pains? Am I talking to you? Let’s be honest. It happens more times than you’d like. But why not do it different this time? Instead of going into deep depression that the season is over – keep golf in the top of your mind by starting a golf exercise program.

Don’t let your clubs get dusty and forget about your game. Prepare your body in anticipation of next spring. It’s no fun to come off the course feeling spent (in more ways than one) when you could have energy to spare. You have between 4-6 months to greatly improve your strength, flexibility and stamina. It would be the wisest thing to do to improve your golf for next season.

When you begin the season with a “broken” body, you’re taking two steps back. Take a leap forward and prepare your body by getting your golf exercise program in motion. Think of it this way. What a great opportunity to get the edge on your playing partners and win all the money. Wouldn’t that get their goat?

Finally, you’ll get the chance to redeem yourself from a previous season that found you paying out more than receiving and being the brunt of all jokes in the clubhouse after every round. We’ve all been there – but no longer right? This is the winter to make the commitment and do it! No excuses. No more reasons to put it off. You may realize it’s not easy – but nothing worth getting is easy.

Golf exercise is a very popular topic these days among all the pros, teachers and even amateurs. It’s no secret that if you get your body fitter, stronger and more flexible you will swing better and hit longer drives that produce lower scores.

That’s what we all want right? What a feeling to be the longest (and straightest) hitter in your group. Always hitting your approach shot last because you were the furthest down the fairway. Those are the kinds of thoughts you should have this winter while you’re working out.

The simplest way to implement golf exercises is to look at the golf swing. First off, it’s standing on your feet. Not sitting down, like on a machine in your local gym. So try to do most of your exercises on your feet.

Secondly, you should be in your golf posture. Which is a bend forward at the hips, with your knees slightly flexed. Doing exercises in this position will create a very strong, stable golf swing.

A good example of a golf exercise would be the Golf Posture Lateral Raise:

• Bend forward at hips just beyond normal golf posture.

• Hold dumbbells in front of your thighs, palms facing each other.

• Slowly raise dumbbell to the side and up.

• Slowly bring back down to pre-stretch position.

Do you see how this would quickly build up the strength in the back of your shoulders for a strong take-away and downswing? The only equipment required was a pair of dumbbells (hand weights), which probably cost about $10. No fancy gym. And in the convenience of your home, saving you time.

This is just one example of a simple golf exercise you can do quickly and conveniently in your home to dramatically transform your game!

About The Author: Mike Pedersen is an Internationally recognized golf exercise trainer and author. He is Golf Magazines golf performance expert, and founder of several cutting-edge online golf performance membership sites. Take a look at his best selling Golf Exercise and Fitness System at his golf exercise site –

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